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Best Ways To Clean A Braai Grid

3 Easy ways to keep your Braai Grid sparkling

Knowing how to clean your grill correctly is vital so you can cook food safely on your braai!


How?: Heat up the braai grid with your next braai and rub the grid with newspaper. It’s easier to remove the grid from the braai while the grid is still warm and not shot that the newspaper starts to burn. Ensure to use safety gloves. With decent rubs the newspaper will soak up the grease on the grid, you may need to do a few rubs with fresh newspaper.

A Small Pile of Newspapers
raw onion


How?: Heat up the braai grid with your next braai and cut a large onion in half and, using a braai fork, rub the onion over the grid, replacing with the other half as needed. This is a simple technique using something natural and non-toxic. The onion juices are sterile, and the moisture helps to break down the grease and clean the grid.


How?:  Half fill a plastic container with cold water and add 30ml washing powder, mix the washing powder until it has dissolved. Place the braais grid in the water, ensuring it is covered in the water, and leave for an hour to soak. Clean the grid with a cloth before rinsing it well. This is a very effective and easy cleaning method as the washing powder does all the hard work removing the grease and those sticky bits.

Scoop with washing powder on washing powder background